We have some exciting news!

So this is awesome, I am finally getting around to shaking the dust off my iPad and writing a brand new blog!! Yes, it has been way too long but I promise you’ll understand after reading this! 

New Digs

Over the past year Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry has been meticulously going through the process of upgrades. Beginning first with our new(ish) studio!!! I say new(ish) because we have been in the newly updated and designed space since last spring. As you may or may not know the new space came about due to necessity when a pipe burst in the studio ceiling and seriously damaged flooring, walls and furniture. Craziness ensued to re-design and get it all finished but all in all I am actually more in love with our new creative space than the one we lost! Being an artist, I will always be making small tweaks and changes to keep the space updated and fresh but I am really content with the final product. A HUGE thank you for your patience to all the brides who came in during construction and put up with less than perfect spaces!  We are so grateful they were kind, flexible and understanding of our situation while the renovation was taking place. Thank you also goes to our team members who as always made our “pop up” studio space as special as our regular studio and worked effortlessly to really make the transition seem as seamless to our brides as possible. Last but not least (I know for a fact he doesn’t read blogs), but a GIGANTIC thank you to our good friend and master carpenter who can keep pace with my crazy creative mind and helped turn my ideas into beautiful reality. 

New additions

As if that wasn’t enough excitement we have also been hiring and training a new crop of team members this past year that many have already had the pleasure to work with or see their work on our social media. This is something I really take seriously. Maybe it’s that my name is on everyone’s work or maybe it’s that working at MAC cosmetics really taught me that no matter how long you’ve been in the industry you are never above training and improving your skills. It’s hard work with some bumps and bruises along the way but the constant training really leaves me excited and confident with everyone on the team!

New website

So, with all the “new” that’s been going on we decided why not rebrand our logo and website!?! We are thrilled to announce our newly designed completely updated website including our stunning new logo! With all of our team members and just incredible amounts of pictures from our past brides to show off we couldn’t wait for this to be launched. It’s been a labor of love that wouldn’t have come to fruition without the hard work and talent of our web designer Victoria, with Mirar Productions. She is so patient, everyone needs a Victoria in their lives! Pictures of our beautiful team members came about because of the amazingly talented Gilbert, from Greyes photography. He is always up for anything, kind and knows how to make everyone look fabulous! Another huge shoot out to our longtime friend and brilliant designer Jessi, from Just Invite Me. She created the sleek, fun new logo we wanted (and needed). She always nails our style, without me saying anything! Last but certainly not least, a shout out to the incredible, gorgeous and sweet Caitlin Lisa who shot our new studio pictures, and she absolutely nailed these pictures! 

We hope you love our new site, logo, and studio as much as us!