Summer heat is in the air..time to airbrush or do you dare? Here is the low-down on this summers hottest secret to keeping you looking cool..

So we’re going through our blogs and realized one of our most popular blogs about airbrush has some cobwebs on it. It’s been too long since we’ve blogged about airbrush makeup!!
Since our last blog we can honestly say we tried TONS of different airbrush makeup brands searching for the perfect formula. After lots of experimenting we came across our now company standard airbrush makeup..Kett! We love the variety of shades but most impute finish and feel of this product. It really goes on like natural skin. So many people tell us they have had bad experiences with other company’s airbrush makeup application and I can assure you why it wasn’t like ours..because we have an application system unique to our company I personally created!! So not only is the product we use incredible but we have an application method that is a three step system for perfecting natural looking flawless long wearing coverage. Everyone’s skin is different so our team can help you achieve your perfect results but we always recommend airbrush foundation. Whether it’s to beat the holds up to high heat and humidity way better than any liquid (even our favorites) or if your looking for a more sheer natural coverage. It can be applied in a way that will make even a non-makeup wearer comfortable. The only thing melting this summer should be your grooms heart when he sees how gorgeous you look on your big day. Keep cool and airbrush on!

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