How long have you been in the makeup industry?

Since I started working! Over 17 years.

Favorite Celeb makeup?

Adele, Blake lively (her skin is incredible!) and Jennifer Lopez, she’s ageless. Speaking of ageless... Maye Musk, if you don’t know of her, you need too. I hope I will be half as cool / beautiful as she is at her age.

Beauty routine must? (moisturize, mask, wash face every night, etc.)

For me it’s definitely exfoliate, lots of moisturizer and “beauty vitamins” ie, collagen, vitamin c and biotin. Plus lots of water! Good beauty routines always start from the inside out.

Favorite makeup trend?

The 90s Smokey eye is back and I couldn’t be happier! Glowing skin and cheeks is also always one of my favorite things.

Can’t leave the house without:

Fenti foundation, MAC backtrack eyeliner and L’Oréal voluminous mascara. That’s my 5 min everyday routine!