How long have you been in the hair industry?

This year marks my 20th year. I have been working with brides and bridal parties for the last 8 years and loving every bit of it!

Favorite Celeb hair?

There are a lot of celebrities with great hair, but Carrie Underwood’s hair sticks out the most. Her styles are always changing and trendy.

Hair routine must?

Maintaining healthy hair is extremely important. Using a mask on your hair once or twice a week depending on how dry your hair might be is essential. My favorite mask to use is by Wella called Brilliance - not only does it smell good it works great!

Favorite current hair trend?

Most popular hair trends going on for all up-hair would have to be boho styles for the brides and bridesmaids - all the different detail that goes into boho styles like the messy poof, the twists, braids, rope braids, etc. For hair-down, it’s definitely big and sexy runway hair which is where powder play would come in for the volume!

Current favorite hair product?

For big voluminous hair: Powder Play by Big and Sexy hair. Great for those who can’t get enough volume. For hairspray: Big and Sexy spray and Play hairspray is my favorite - it holds the hair but you are still able to manipulate the hair easily without feeling too hard. For a hard hold, I like Bed Head Maximum Hold...not only does it hold your hair extremely well, it smells great too!

Our brides in video!

Makeup: Tamara // Hair: Jody