How long have you been in the hair industry?

When I was in high school I really wanted to have a part-time job, especially on school breaks!So my mother knew an owner of a very well established hairsalon in Burr Ridge, Illinois. At first I just swept hair and shampooed, but then after observing and learning from these impressive and career driven hairstylists I was promoted to an assistant! Towards the end of high school I was already styling for my friends for homecomings and proms! It has always been a passion of mine to give a girl a look that was just perfect for whatever event it maybe from prom to even weddings. It was then realized that I just have to go to cosmetology school and here I am! Still loving what I do even 17 years later! Time flies when your having fun!

Favorite Celeb hair?

I have to say my girl Julianne Hough always has such versatility and trendiness to her updos! They just always look romantically fun!

Hair routine must?

Definitely keeping your hair in the best condition possible will always make your hair look and feel incredible! I love using my Shu Uemura’s Urban Moisture shampoo and conditioner on the daily! Of course, when it comes to a mask the Olaplex is a phenomenal treatment used weekly! Finally when styling I’ll be honest I’m a huge fan of the “big and sexy” line from Sexy Hair the “spray and play” holds the longest and the “powder play” gives you that extra boost of volume when you think your hair least expects it! Even their “frizz eliminator serum” is just a life saver! Another line that has been around for a while but never lets me down is Rusk! I’ve grown up using the Rusk Shine Spray and always love the volume I get from the Rusk Blo-Foam! I can honestly say how blessed we are to have such great products in our hair industry!

Favorite current hair trend?

This is a hard one, because depending on the girl and the event my thoughts may differ. I guess I would say my trend all around is big and bouncy Hair! However, I love doing dimensional braids and Boho looks that include a beachy-vibe! Yet, a old fashioned glam look is outstanding as well!

Current favorite hair product?

As most girls can agree with me... we always complain about losing our volume throughout the day. One product that I will say always gives me just the best volume in my blowout is the Rusk Blo-foam! You just spray it at the root & blow-dry! It instantly gives your hair long lasting volume and it inflates your hair to feel fuller than ever! Hands down my fav!